About our consulting firm

Sol Di Catarina is the founder of Asesoría Tramuntana. With a degree in Economics, she has more than ten years of experience in the financial area in companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multinationals.

Asesoría Tramuntana is located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands and was born with the idea of helping the business fabric of the islands in what we do best, accounting, labor and tax management.

We are committed to digitization, innovation and continuous updating in labor and tax matters to achieve its main objective: that entrepreneurs, businessmen and freelancers can invest their time in growing their businesses, making business decisions on time; with accurate and updated information. You don’t have to worry about this, we do it for you!

Forget about paperwork and bureaucratic hassles related to tax, labor and accounting and focus on running the threads of your business as you know!

Choose the flat rate that best suits what you need to manage and carry your accounting and taxes without worries!